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Dr. Carson has a provden track record for strategic planing within organizations resulting in long term stability and market growth.

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Dr. Marlene Carson is a renowned social activist in the area of Human Rights & Women’s Empowerment.

Dr. Carson serves as a member of the US Advisory Council under the Trump and Biden Administrations. As a member, of the US Advisory Council, Dr. Carson’s main focus has been housing, education, and economic developed for underserved populations.

2022 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, Biden

2019 Appointed by President Trump to the U.S. Advisory Council

2016 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, Obama

We created the Peerpreneur Network to bring our peers together that are interested in taking the pain of their past and turning it into profits.
Dr. Marlene Carson, SurThriver of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking is the founder of Who Touched me. Who Touche Me is an ecumenical ministry for women and girls who have encountered any form of secual abuse, or exploitation; who are in need of deep inner healing. Our mission is to foster a loving, non-judgmental, safe community wherein healing and wholeness .2 1’0 11 !WM
Marketplace ministry refers to evangelism in the workspace. Dr. Carson uses a special G.P.S. (God’s Provisional Systems) by creating the pathway for you to spread the gospel while still doing business.

My Mission

I am a fearless defender of justice with a mission to challenge the status quo by effecting systemic change within and without the system. I strive to embody change within humanity and communities, while providing tools for sustainabilitv to marginalized people.



What others have to say

A transformational coach and speaker who has trained over 100,000 professionals including Child Advocacy Centers, lawyers, law enforcement, community leaders, and civic associations.
Charlotte Williams

Now I know that God fulfills purpose through dynamic pathways of surrender to Him! Coming into that knowledge was a paradigm shift for me... I met Dr. Marlene Carson in a state training. During the last few days of this 2-week training, she posed a question to the group, “What is your greatest fear”? Through my tears I said, “That I have waited too long and have missed my opportunity to fulfill God’s purpose for my life”. She told the class to close their ears because she had to talk to me in code. She said, “Charlotte you know God is a redeemer of time”! Within the next 12 months I was delivered from one of the most devastating traumas I had experienced as a child, developed my own business, and began living a bold and courageous life through the power of God. God used her to speak life into me and provide me with the needed tools to cultivate a garden of “mustard seed faith”. Now nothing is impossible to me!

I was in an exceptionally low place with an ardent desire to not only come out but to truly walk in my destiny. However, I knew that I couldn't do it alone. I saw Dr. Carson on several magazine covers, and she lives in my city, so I decided to reach out to her. lol, it took me months to reach out. Then, when I finally got the nerve, I sent a dm in messenger and she didn't answer. I decided I would try one more time before I totally gave up. To my surprise, she responded. That night we spoke until the break of day. She spoke with my mother and a week later I was at a women's retreat looking over the most beautiful lake I had ever seen. Dr. Carson not only has helped to change the trajectory of my life she has become a sister and lifelong friend. Amongst the many things she has imparted into my life, she has helped me to write and publish my first book. Most of all, my life was transformed as a direct result of meeting Marlene Carson. I praise God for the woman of God that she is and appreciate how she allows the love of God work in and through her, even through adversity. She has been an amazing example of unwavering faith and I thank you, Dr. Carson for being who you are and who you are becoming! . .

Being around Marlene is like being around a person with 4 heads; all of which are working, thinking, planning, and solving. Nonstop even when we are on break. I would never trust anybody more to advocate for me.

Change is always better when you don't have to go it alone. Coming from Corporate America allowed me the privilege of living a life full of opportunities. However, it also kept me in my designer rose colored glasses blurring my vision from the horrors that others have experienced. Upon my retirement I wanted to give back. I reached out to Dr. Marlene Carson for assistance. I hired her as my nonprofit coach. All I can say is this, if you want to learn how to go from grass roots to the White House, she is a living example of how to get it done. I was so impressed by her professionalism, how she allowed me to access her network, and most of all the favor she has in her life. THIS GIRL HAS THE FAVOR OF GOD ON HER LIFE! I now have a thriving nonprofit, but this is not about me so, I will leave with this; If you want to learn how to monetize, sustain and scale your nonprofit don't hesitate to contact Dr. Marlene Carson

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